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By David Hesketh, MSc (Neuro-Medical Science & Education)

Published by Develop Mental Press, A Division of BrainFocus Centre (PTY) Ltd., Oakville Ontario.

© David J Hesketh 2023

Who is this for?

This book is for anyone who is concerned about the state of the world.

This anyone wants and knows that healthy change is possible.

This anyone also wants to influence that change whether inwardly, outwardly or both.

If that anyone sounds like you, you are in for a potent, eye-opening read…



Human thinking is at the root of the problems we are facing whether environmental, social or economic.

This is because thinking precedes every action. We do not do anything without some level of information processing in the brain.

Action produces a result following the law of cause and effect.

The problems we face, therefore, are a consequence of our actions driven by our thinking. 

It follows, then, that in order to change the current planetary trajectory and outcomes, we need to change our thinking. 

How we do that is what this book is about.

The Fore Word

The Seismic Shift in Conscious Thinking

There is a Revolution in Conscious Thinking that is unfolding and you are a participant. It is not a revolution in the conventional sense. The conventional type is usually associated with deeply emotional anger and frustration within groups prompting mass actions, protests, and often violence. The goal being to change external conditions.

The Conscious Thinking Revolution is from the inside out because this is where conscious thinking resides. And it is not based on anger and frustration. It is based more deeply on a desire for peace. People all over the world are growing their own conscious thinking, and changing their internal conditions, as a result of the great struggles we are facing as families, communities, countries, and as a globe.

This has been one of the great spin-offs of the introduction of smartphones and social media. The sharing of information, outside the boundaries of legacy and corporate media, has resulted in a greater discernment in some of the population, and much less by other segments of the populace.

Amongst the din of messages, posts, podcasts, and videos of all sorts, I notice there is a common characteristic of the two. It is the sense that something is terribly wrong. Life is out of balance. There is turbulence beneath the surface and the pressure building up is already yielding mini-eruptions. The risk is that they can become larger and more frequent or they may take a turn that we cannot foresee.

I would rather avoid a major eruption that will have catastrophic consequences. Many are working toward this end.

I am about to share with you, a piece of this puzzle that is largely unknown and when it is known, will ramp up the rate of transition to a greater populace of conscious thinkers. The greater the number of conscious thinkers, the sooner we will experience a transition to healthy, conscious societies. It’s a matter of numbers.

Bear with me for a moment.

You see, conscious thinking is a capacity almost every human being has access to, even if it is not readily apparent. Every human being has the potential to grow and develop their thinking for as long as they can take a breath.

Under optimal circumstances, the growth and development of the brain, over the first 21 years or so, is a level-by-level evolutionary process that, like a layer cake, builds conscious thinking with one layer resting on the foundation of the previous one.

Unfortunately, for most of us, some of the upper layers are not filled out as they could be. These are the layers (upper level 4 through 7) from which fuller conscious thinking develops and operates. The reason this happens is that the foundations of the lower layers are not firm, so progress to the next level is compromised. The ‘why’ will be explained in the pages to come. 

Here’s the thing. When using the approach, strategies, and techniques contained herein, the awakening of conscious thinking happens, regardless of the layer a person is at. I call this the ‘AHA’ experience. This contributes to the opening of the door for anyone to their next stage of conscious thinking.

There are some who have more solid foundations and have developed some of the capacities characteristic of the upper layers of the cake. Many are seeking to find things like work-life balance, inner peace, mindfulness, spirituality, earth consciousness, etc., through a variety of modalities and activities. This deeper engagement with the characteristic called thinking, that sets us apart from all other species on Earth, is leading people to become more conscious of social injustices and inequalities, environmental degradation, and the real reasons for this, and of consciousness itself as a phenomenon.

You see, thinking is force, an energy form that is generated by you using the vehicle of your brain. To illustrate how this works, picture in your mind a person whom you have experienced as joyful or angry. While you may have visual cues, this is only one layer of the experience. The thoughts     s/he is generating are part of the non-verbal cues and this is measurable. Thinking waves are measurable and we sense them, even if only subconsciously. Which means you need no words. You just get the vibe… Man!

But it certainly does not stop there. We are now understanding, researching, learning, and experiencing new vistas of conscious thinking both individually and collectively. It is happening at a speed and scope that has never been seen before as people initiate or seek out alternatives that will guide themselves and us out of the mess we are in.

The expansion of conscious thinking on a larger scale will tap into hitherto unrealized possibilities for humanity’s future.

This is The Seismic Shift in Conscious Thinking. Like the earlier revolutions  West, which we call The Information Age of the 60’s, The Industrial Revolution, and the Renaissance, we are in a paradigm shift from an old way of thinking to a new way.

The Brain-Thinking-Consciousness Developmental Pathway (The B-T-C Pathway) that I am presenting to you here has a significant role to play. This has been studied in academia for many decades now but has not penetrated into the general populace, I think because the language and descriptions have been difficult to understand.

The whole objective of this work is to provide you with an accessible, easy-to-understand presentation of The B-T-C Pathway that is as fascinating and empowering as I found it. The links and correlations described between the brain, thinking, and consciousness in this developmental sequence will provide you with your own set of ‘AHA’ moments, I assure you.

You will see directly how it will empower your own life and those around you in your sphere of influence. And you will see how each one of us, regardless of our station in life, is a participant in the healthy, peaceful transition to the next level of human existence driven by conscious thinking.

It will tie many of the loose ends up for most readers.

As examples, you will gain insights into the level of conscious thinking that drives:

  • Social Divisions and Fighting;
  • The so-called Woke Movement;
  • Power and Corruption;
  • Why we can’t seem to agree and how we can.

And much more…

I am excited to make my contribution based on the science of conscious thinking that I have spent many years learning and assembling for myself.

Whether privately from your armchair or publicly in a group, whether at an individual or collective level, you will feel empowered to take your place in the revolution of conscious thinking that is the driving force of the seismic shift that is behind what we are already experiencing. 

Ea mei nostrum imperdiet deterruisset, mei ludus efficiendi ei. Sea summo mazim ex, ea errem eleifend definitionem vim. Detracto erroribus et mea.

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