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When You Have to Decide…

BrainFocus distinguishes itself as your premium solution for transforming the negative costs of stress-fueled decisions into clear, focused decision-making that saves time, money and drives your success to the next level.

Who We Serve

Our clients come from stressful circumstances. They know that stress is impacting their ability to make the best decisions in health, career, wealth, relationships, academics or growth.

We serve leaders & future leaders, business people, students, parents & educators, and seekers of success over stress, all with a drive to be the best and a thirst for something more.

To subdue counter-productive stressed brain processes, we rewire them into higher brain thinking functions that are used not to cope with stress, but to literally transform it into a force of positive change for self and others.

This gives our clients a unique advantage and power to meet the day-to-day and the unexpected with a fresh clarity to effectively achieve goals and respond to the demands of the moment and beyond. 


To provide our clients with a powerful

set of higher brain skills to create and adapt themselves

and their thinking into actions to meet the demands

of the rapidly changing world.


To build a curriculum that promotes individual evolution

and collective economic, social/cultural

and environmental responsibility.


  • Seeking Self-Knowledge & Success for Self & Others

  • Striving toward Divine Consciousness

  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Authentic Human Equality & Prosperity

  • Curiosity, Playfulness & Compassion

  • Children

Programs & Services

We offer Individual and Group Programs and Services.

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Amplifying Leaders

Next Gen Leaders

Teachers, Principals & Admin Combatting the Stress in Education

Leading Yourself:

Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Seekers of Success Over Stress

In Support of Groups

Our Strategy & Method

Our proven 5-Step Process converts the losses due to stress into growth and prosperity.

That is your success…  And our deepest desire!

Step 1 – Self-Assess, Qualify, Commit

Step 2 – Plan, Set Objectives, Customize

Step 3 – Knowledge, Test, Analyze

Step 4 – Implement, Consolidate

Step 5 – Evaluate, Plan Forward

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Studies & Results

Our studies consistently show that increases in forebrain focus results in lower stress,

while at the same time increasing other higher brain function and effectivenesss.

Based on Pre-test/Post-test Results using The BrainFocus Stress & Focus Assessment Tool 1.

Discover where stress is hurting you most.

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Meet Your Mentor: David Hesketh, MSc

Neuro-Medical Scientist & Educator

30 Years of Excellence 

  • Teaching

  • Mentoring

  • Training

14 Years Entrepreneurship

A Lifetime of Leadership

Read David's bio Here

Our Clients

Daffodils & David at JSE

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–  5-Star Recommendations from our clients –

Everyone (in the company) should do this course!

Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South Africa

David has a natural talent in bringing joy to learning. He was also able to bring structure and routine to a class that students would thrive in.

Past pupil & current teacher, Vancouver, BC

I loved BrainFocus! It was fun and can see the positive changes already! I don’t feel stressed anymore and if I do, I use one of the techniques to change my mind. It’s more about your inner power.

HS student, British International College, Johannesburg.

When preparing for my math test I became very stressed. I closed my books did (the exercises) and then carried on. I found that I was much calmer and that I could focus on the work. I used (the tools) before the exam I was in a calm, focused mood.

HS Student, St John's College

My son has thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it to date. Thank you very much!

Parent, St Stithian's College

One of your students had bit of a meltdown in his English exam  yesterday and promptly reminded himself of your exercises. He says he was so grateful, as he managed to complete and enjoy the rest of the exam.

Sharon, Head of Dept
Redhill High School

I have been using various (exercises) and my marks in my class tests have improved.

HS Student, Bishop Bavin High School

My son did your course almost 10 years ago. He still uses the techniques and says it is key to his success as a lawyer and as a person.

Rob L, Vice-Principal, St John's

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