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Our Intention

Create a movement to unify and include, not to criticize and divide, based in the understanding of the natural growth and evolution of the brain, thinking and consciousness. 

Are you concerned about the state of our planet and societies? Change thinking to change behaviours. Leverage the natural evolution of thinking and consciousness that occurs in the brain using strategies, methods and principles offered and become an Engineer of Conscious Thinking. 

Conscious companies “believe in purpose beyond just making profits and also they try to balance the needs of all stakeholders …    It turns out that that not only do they do great things in the world but they’re actually more successful in the long run as well.” 

 Andrew Brady, BSc, MA;  CEVOO of The XLR8 Team & Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism, Rochester NY Chapter. 

Grow or Adapt Your Current Business

You are too busy to do it yourself. Get the years of experience to guide you. 

Build Online Programs or Business designed to grow Consciousness

From scratch or an existing structure, we provide a full-suite foundation for sustainable growth and passive income, which frees you to pursue your passions.  

Join the GCE Team

Do you have skills that support online business growth? Do you want to make a real difference in the world? Stake your claim!

Find Out More

Do you yearn to work toward the transformation of consciousness for the future well-being of people and the planet?

Can you imagine doing that with no financial risk and a guarantee of your return on investment? 

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Listen, then Book.

Book a no obligation call to discuss your desires and find out how you can qualify. 

(And don’t worry, if we can’t help you ourselves, we will connect you to others who can!)

Dr Chris Chippendale, London, England

Dr Suzi Schulman, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Dr William Ferris, Rochester, New York, USA

I look forward to speaking with folks that are inspired to make a conscious difference.

Best Regards, David 

This is your Call to Action! Book Your Call Here...

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