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Averting Global Catastrophe

How to Simply Influence Real Change for Our Common Future

By David J. Hesketh, MSc (Neuro-Medical Science & Education)

Published by Develop Mental Press, A Division of BrainFocus Centre (PTY) Ltd., Oakville Ontario.

© David J Hesketh 2023

Who is this for?

This book is for anyone who is concerned about the state of the world.

This anyone wants and knows that healthy change is possible.

This anyone also wants to influence that change whether inwardly, outwardly or both.

If that anyone sounds like you, you are in for a potent, eye-opening read…

If this doesn’t sound like you then, just hit the exit button and enjoy the rest of your day.



Human thinking is at the root of the problems we are facing whether environmental, social or economic.

This is because thinking precedes every action. We do not do anything without some level of information processing in the brain.

Action produces a result following the law of cause and effect.

The problems we face, therefore, are a consequence of our actions driven by our thinking. 


It follows, then, that in order to change the current planetary trajectory and outcomes, we need to change our thinking. 

How we do that is what this book is about.

Why Catastrophe?

With the creative potential residing in [the brain of] each human being and with everything we have achieved to date, the prospect of compromising our life support and social systems to the point where our species and civilization cannot survive, let alone thrive, would be nothing short of catastrophic.

This is a clear and present danger.

This is preventable.

The ‘why’ we got here and ‘how’ to create real change follows.

Note to the Reader:

This is a high-level summary of how we have come to find ourselves at this crisis point in human history and a practical strategy that is available to each human being that will enhance their own life and sense of freedom.

The Introduction lays out the insights that serve as the basis for the shift in thinking and consciousness that needs to occur for real change to happen.

In Part 1, we identify the problem and major obstacles.

Part 2 provides an overview of how thinking and consciousness develops and why relatively few humans have progressed through all 7 stages of this development. The understanding of this process serves as the basis for implementing practical solutions which will yield a significant shift in human consciousness. 

When we get to Part 3, you will find a strategic solution grounded in the development described in Part 2. It is one that is customizable and adaptable to almost any human being, whether for yourself or to implement with others, as in a program that promotes human growth and development.

It is so obvious and simple that I wonder myself why I didn’t see it before now.

In providing a roadmap of how we got here from a brain, thinking and development of consciousness point of view, you will see the way out offered here as perhaps the key strategy, adaptable within each individual life, that will serve as a hinge to creating a new collective reality.

The book is designed to lead you through a series of doors, each opening into a new awareness because you have stepped through the previous one, which is the principle of the development/evolution of consciousness. Accessibility to otherwise inaccessible concepts is the gift of the teacher that I bring here… making the complex simple to grasp.

I use the help of infographics, diagrams and tables to build your understanding, for when you have understood the basis of our common humanity and the condition in which we find ourselves that has brought us to this point, you will clearly see the simplicity of what needs to happen now and how YOU can apply and adapt the basic principle that will act as the catalyst for real change.

We can wait no longer.

It is time….



My intention for writing this book is to provide a framework from which to   assist and work withother like-minded people who are passionate about bringing a healthy change and a new consciousness and perception to our world. (Visit ‘Global Consciousness Engineers’ Facebook Group).

What follows is a message of hope and possibility, where I propose using an accessible and flexible methodology that will trigger a shift in the awakening that is already happening: To channel it from fight-or-flight-ego-survival-mind to cooperative, collaborative, conscious-awareness engagement with life. 

To get there, we need to slog a bit through the ugly story we are living right now in order to get clear of it as we journey toward the mountain top, to get the new view. 

The great Chinese spiritual philosopher, Confucius, is reported to have said; “May you live in interesting times”.  

Well, thanks for that, good sir! But I would go further and say that these are incredible, fascinating times, just on the basis of living through the changes I have witnessed in my lifetime. Everything is accelerating!

They are certainly unprecedented, which is true of all ages. But there is something very different about our modern era from previous paradigm shifts that have occurred across human cultures in previous times. 

And that is our capacity to destroy our world, our globe, as we know it and the consciousness of our inherent creativity. 

So, here’s the deal. Destruction is inevitable. 

We have used our creativity unconsciously and are destroying the world in its current form. Forget the nuclear bombs. If we do nothing other than  point fingers or speak words of great intention at our global conferences, board rooms and governmental institutions without rapid, concrete and broad  implementation, be sure that the natural forces will take their course and our ever burgeoning species and the thousands of others that are still left inhabiting Earth will be swallowed up. No asteroids required. 

Alternatively, we can destroy it consciously. By this, I refer to destroying our human modus operandi of behaviour – That is, divide, conquer and control of the masses, while marginalizing and suppressing non-conformist thinking, for the purposes of greed and power where fear psychology is used as to leverage this end. (This is not to condemn any one individual or group, for we all participate. Most of us are unconsciously immersed in our global systems in one form or another).

And I do not mean, going out and wholesale destroying our systems. That would lead to chaos, devolution, revolution, not evolution. 

The following words of Buckminster Fuller ring particularly true in the face of any evolutionary change you can observe to have occurred:

The car made the horse and carriage obsolete; smart phones have pushed newspapers and landlines to the brink of obsolescense, while the compass eliminated the need for the seafarer’s astrolabe.

When you start to dig beneath the surface of the information we are being fed, you will find a wide range of new models being tested and created. When using system-conditioned thinking, some of these new models and  initiatives, seem ‘weird’. But it is precisely this out-of-the-box thinking that needs to happen to sustainably craft our way forward.

Using our creative possibility to change our current trajectory, is available to us even as I write this and just as you are reading this. It is ever-present, just as the air is always available, for each one of us to access. We are just not conscious of it. 

The positive and creative change rests in awakening thinking (Stage 6) which is a springboard to awakened consciousness (Stage 7).  

Mystics, visionaries and scientists alike point now to dimensions of reality of which we are not conscious (but we can be). While this might seem at first as magic hocus-pocus, it is important to note that this has always been the case. Once we have been able to explain and verify a reason for the magic ( a stage in the development of thinking/consciousness ), it is no longer magic. Consider any phenomenon: say, electricity, a magnet, the sun rising, our ability to predict and total solar eclipse. At one time, such things were considered magic. Now, they are matter of fact and, interestingly, are things that really are magical in their own way, have slipped into the subconscious and are thought of as routine. 


A lab observation that I conducted many times. Iron filings are sprinkled around a magnet. They orient themselves along the lines of energy flow that is otherwise invisible. Magic? Yes, in its own way. We still don’t really know what magnetism is in its essence. But we do know some of its properties and effects.

Consider the scientific evidence that is pushing us past the modern version of hocus-pocus:

  • Light existing as both a particle and a wave at the same time;
  • The observation of an action in one location causing something to occur remotely;
  • Observations that the universe, (or is that multi-verse?!?) is composed of 95% of dark matter and dark energy (dark because we don’t know what it is). The remaining 5% is matter, which at its foundation, is a form of energy;
  • The proposed existence of at least 6 additional dimensions beyond the 3 dimensions of Space and the dimension of Time. 
  • The Quantum Field and String Theory (physics) which places us squarely as beings of energy, not matter, in an unlimited cosmos, where we, because we believe it, are limited in a physical body, but of which unlimited is possible. (Einstein’s E = mc2 fundamentally describes mass (m) and energy (E) as interchangeable)
  • The transformation of paranormal phenomena to the normal as a result of scientific (objective) validation of subjectively experienced phenomena (visit the Institute of Noetic Sciences – IONS).

This list goes on…

Such observations and validated research indicates that we are bumping up against the limitations of the dimensions of Time and Space (materialism) and that there is the (creative) possibility to transcend that rather than go down with the ship.  

How do WE do this? By awakening independent (compare to individual) thinking of the brain which is the vehicle of awakened consciousness. 

But rest assured, I am under no illusions. The majority of our global population is inwardly perceiving, experiencing and conducting themselves from group (ethnocentric) brain/ thinking/consciousness, as you will see in the pages to come. Modern incarnations of media are directing the minds of the masses to keep them believing there is only material existence, while maintaining their effective helplessness, dependent on the current systems, rather than on any other possibilities.  

Progression to the next stage of brain/thinking/consciousness development is required before this majority can even begin to understand the nature of the kind of trans-dimensional consciousness (perception) to which I refer. 

To summarize, the evolution of the brain/thinking/consciousness is a dependent stage by stage progression, where each stage serves as the basis for the next:

Egocentric > Ethnocentric > Independent > Multi-perspectival > Holistic, where consciousness can be thought of as perception.


It is my contention that the only way to bring about a lasting and positive change is through the understanding of the evolution of the brain, thinking and consciousness, the vehicle of perception.

Once acquired, the result will be the use of these developmental principles to bring about appropriate effective strategies to impact the rapid change needed in the world, some of which I will share with you in the pages to come. 

So, while this may seem daunting at first glance, understand that the daunting part is a function of your own perception and, should you expand and grow that perception, daunting will dissolve from your vocabulary and experience.

I take comfort ( because sometimes, I feel daunted! 😉):

  • In knowing that there are many people around the planet that are enhancing their own powers of perception and consciousness in a variety of magnificent ways. In this regard, I am already working in a collective way, with others to awaken a new consciousness.
  • In knowing that there are many working from a holistic perception, who want to participate in healthy change in the world. 
  • In experiencing forces at work that I cannot see, but of which I can develop my consciousness to find the evolutionary way forward that will guide me.
  • In the validated studies of the ‘100th Monkey Principle’ at work, where, when a certain critical proportion of a population learns a new behaviour or skill, that it passed on remotely to and adopted by other members of the population, despite not having themselves physically developed the new skill. (Witness young kids being able to intuitively use modern tech – no owner’s manual!). How many need to awaken to usher human consciousness into the next phase of our evolution? 

So, add yourself to the monkey list, if nothing else.   

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

MK Gandhi 

And this is the interesting thing. 

It is about being. It is about inner action. For we cannot individually change the world, particularly if we restrict our thinking to change only by doing. But on a collective level, those that are interested in healthy positive change can participate in change, even on the dimensional/energy level of thought and being (still).  

Think about it. If you close your eyes, deeply relax and meditate (without a specific purpose, on nothing, just clearing the mind), when you open your eyes you will realize that you entered into and returned from another dimension of existence, of being. 

Just that, is participating in the shift.

And the bonus is, you will have touched the dimension that every, single human being is seeking in their own way in sometimes nefarious and (self) destructive ways. It goes by many names: Joy, love, bliss, peace, contentment, tranquility, equanimity… And this, by activating your centres of aware-consciousness in your forebrain, has the possibility to be your state of existence every day, regardless of the circumstances.

This first few paragraphs are designed to awaken us to the depth, severity and urgency of the situation we face as a global family. The structure and function of thinking and the solutions will follow in the completed book. With Climate Change dominating the news headlines, most critical environmetal and social issues are marginalized. For example; 93% of marine stocks are now thought to be overfished. Population dependency on it as a primary protein source is 17%. Three billion of 8 billion depending directly or indirectly on fishing for their livelihood. Hugh biodiveristy losses result from ‘bycatch’. Estimates are that by 2048 there will be no resources left in the ocean to harvest. 

Part 1: The Problem

1.1 We’re in trouble

The human population is now 8 billion strong. It has doubled since 1974.   We are expected to add another 2 billion by the 2050’s. That’s 27 years…

The demand for the limited resources, already strained, continues to grow daily, driven by both basic needs and the marketing that drives perceived need; that is consumption.

If we have not already surpassed it, we are certainly approaching the carrying capacity of Earth on the current trajectory of demand and consumption. 

The infographic below summarizes the areas in which we have pushed beyond The Planetary Boundaries for Sustainability as defined by a team under John Rockstrom of the Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University). The Social Boundaries added by Kate Raworth argues that baselines of social well-being needs to accompany the planetary boundaries for a holistic and sustainable approach to economics. Otherwise, it is not sustainable – for anyone…

There’s already too much red.

Scientists, economists, artists and many others active in their zone of individual expertise are working to change this trajectory.

However, if we consider the COP (Conference of the Parties) conferences, as an example, after 27 years, what of significance has really been implemented as a result of the joint statements negotiated?

“We are in the fight of our lives, and we are losing.”

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, Nov 7, 2022.

Every major conference on planetary and social health comes out with similar targets for change and similarly, the results are meagre at best. The system of economics, as it functions, trumps the social and planetary needs. To our visible peril…

1.2 Why can’t we fix these things?

We have the technology. We have the ability. We have the wo/man-power.  Are we just hell-bent on self-destruction?

Kind of….

The problem is, as Einstein is so oft quoted, ‘You cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created it’.

The way we consume in our current global economy is based in the thinking that we have unlimited resources which, from the perception of most individuals, is true.

So, herein lies the clue.

In order for real change to happen, this perception, this consciousness, needs to change.

As you are about to discover, the growth and awakening of consciousness, occurs in a very systematic way.

When you have an understanding of its fundamental principles, you yourself will have a new consciousness that will serve as a foundation, a framework for actioning real change. 

1.3 Change not what you do, but what you think!

You see, humanity needs to shift from the ‘Change what you do and how you do it’ to ‘Change what you think and how you think it’.


Because action (doing) results from the thinking that happens in the brain. Thinking/mental processing gives rise to decisions. Decisions are the drivers of action and it can also be a choice not to act. Action is behaviour.

Most of these actions/behaviours arise from the subconscious. They are on auto-pilot.

And this, dear friends, is what needs to change. We are conducting our lives on this planet in survival mode and perceived survival mode consuming everything in sight. Voarcious and unconscious…

The Consciousness Method that I will introduce you to in the rest of this book, is so simple, yet so powerful, accessible to every human being, that you might wonder why we have not figured this out before….

To get at this, we need to understand how the conscious brain, The Me, wakes up to life itself and why it get diverted from developing that so that the Me is able to participate in planetary life in a whole and response-able fashion that is, to the benefefit of one and all.

So, the next section begins with…  

1.4 How thinking is formed…

Ea mei nostrum imperdiet deterruisset, mei ludus efficiendi ei. Sea summo mazim ex, ea errem eleifend definitionem vim. Detracto erroribus et mea.

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