Averting Global Catastrophe

How to Simply Influence Real Change for Our Common Future

By David J. Hesketh, MSc (Neuro-Medical Science & Education)

Why Catastrophe?

With the creative potential residing in [the brain of] each human being and with everything we have achieved to date, the prospect of compromising our life support and social systems to the point where our species and civilization cannot survive, let alone thrive, would be nothing short of catastrophic.

This is a clear and present danger. This is preventable.

The ‘why’ we got here and ‘how’ to create real change follows.

Note to the Reader:

What follows is a high-level summary of how we have come to find ourselves at this crisis point in human history and a practical strategy that is available to each human being that will enhance their own life and sense of freedom.

In Part 1, we identify the problem and major obstacles.

Part 2 follows with the brain-based reasons for the problem and the solution all at once!

When we get to Part 3, you will find a solution that is so obvious and simple; one that is customizable and adaptable to almost any human being, whether self or another, that I wonder myself why I didn’t see it before now.

In providing a roadmap of how we got here from a brain, thinking and development of consciousness point of view, you will see the way out offered here as perhaps the key strategy, adaptable within each individual life, that will serve as a hinge to creating a new collective reality.

The book is designed to lead you through a series of doors, each opening into a new awareness because you have stepped through the previous one. Accessibility to otherwise inaccessible concepts is the gift of the teacher that I bring here… making the complex simple to grasp. I use the help of infographics, diagrams and tables to build your understanding, for when you have understood the basis of our common humanity and the condition in which we find ourselves that has brought us to this point, you will clearly see the simplicity of what needs to happen now and how YOU can apply and adapt the basic principle that will act as the catalyst for real change.

When you have read through to the end, you will have an option to join with like-minded people who seek to bring healthy and conscious change. My intent is to build a collective of such human beings so that they find each other, collaborate and support each other using their respective skills and genius that will accelerate the growth and awakening of our fellow human beings regardless of their station in life.

We can wait no longer. It is time….

Part 1: The Problem

1.1 We’re in trouble

The human population is now 8 billion strong. It has doubled since 1974.   We are expected to add another 2 billion by the 2050’s. That’s 27 years…

The demand for the limited resources, already strained, continues to grow daily, driven by both basic needs and the marketing that drives perceived need; that is consumption.

If we have not already surpassed it, we are certainly approaching the carrying capacity of Earth on the current trajectory of demand and consumption. 

The infographic below summarizes the areas in which we have pushed beyond The Planetary Boundaries for Sustainability as defined by a team under John Rockstrom of the Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University). The Social Boundaries added by Kate Raworth argues that baselines of social well-being needs to accompany the planetary boundaries for a holistic and sustainable approach to economics. Otherwise, it is not sustainable – for anyone…

There’s already too much red.

Scientists, economists, artists and many others active in their zone of individual expertise are working to change this trajectory.

However, if we consider the COP (Conference of the Parties) conferences, as an example, after 27 years, what of significance has really been implemented as a result of the joint statements negotiated?

“We are in the fight of our lives, and we are losing.”

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, Nov 7, 2022.

Every major conference on planetary and social health comes out with similar targets for change and similarly, the results are meagre at best. The system of economics, as it functions, trumps the social and planetary needs. To our visible peril…

1.2 Why can’t we fix these things?

We have the technology. We have the ability. We have the wo/man-power.  Are we just hell-bent on self-destruction?

Kind of….

The problem is, as Einstein is so oft quoted, ‘You cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that created it’.

The way we consume in our current global economy is based in the thinking that we have unlimited resources which, from the perception of most individuals, is true.

So, herein lies the clue.

In order for real change to happen, this perception, this consciousness, needs to change.

As you are about to discover, the growth and awakening of consciousness, occurs in a very systematic way.

When you have an understanding of its fundamental principles, you yourself will have a new consciousness that will serve as a foundation, a framework for actioning real change. 

1.3 Change not what you do, but what you think!

You see, humanity needs to shift from the ‘Change what you do and how you do it’ to ‘Change what you think and how you think it’.


Because action (doing) results from the thinking that happens in the brain. Thinking/mental processing gives rise to decisions. Decisions are the drivers of action and it can also be a choice not to act. Action is behaviour.

Most of these actions/behaviours arise from the subconscious. They are on auto-pilot.

And this, dear friends, is what needs to change. We are conducting our lives on this planet in survival mode and perceived survival mode consuming everything in sight. Voarcious and unconscious…

The Consciousness Method that I will introduce you to in the rest of this book, is so simple, yet so powerful, accessible to evry human being, that you might wonder why we have not figured this out before….

To get at this, we need to understand how the conscious brain, The Me, wakes up to life itself and why it get diverted from developing that so that I am able to participate in planetary life in a whole and response-able fashion that is to the benefefit of one and all.

It begins with…  

1.4 How thinking is formed…

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